The Beauty That Used To Be

~in the past, the Old Versailles~
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Hello everyone! After another long absence (busy busy busy) I have something to announce! I have, with the two lovely ladies lyricalsympathy and kassandranne, begun a new KAMIJO community on livejournal. I hope you will not be wary of this platform, though it seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years. It is a wonderful website for interaction and discussion between fans, and I would like to provide the place for us to do it!

A lot of the reason for this community is Versailles disbandment, we don’t want to see the fanbase disappear for lack of updates and opportunity to be involved in some sort of community. We must remain strong for when KAMIJO returns with a new project! And perhaps, for when Versailles returns.

Please come and see us! It is meant to be a very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Please read through the community rules on the profile page ( before posting, but they are quite basic. Finally, we have a small questionairre posted if anyone would like to introduce themselves so we all can get to know each other! I hope to see you there soon.